Magrinha BHG-044 Saffle Canojo Hikari Sena Penis

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JAV HD: com) ******************************************** Part 2 - Lina's Roasting Now? "If I don’t get out of this im really screwed" Lina said to herself as the man with the spit pushed it deeper into her pussy causing her to scream out in pain, "grrr why cant I use my magic" Lina though as she struggled and tried to get her pussy away from the sharp spit that was starting to tear into her, "I bet your wondering why you cant use your magic on me and my men, well you see here this is a special spit, it was created to be used on sorceress's just like yourself to completely drain you of your magic and allow us to roast you free of worry" the man said as Lina could feel the spit going deeper and deeper


. "WOW, That was great" Gourry said very loud causing several of the men and woman at the nearby tables to turn and look at them, "Yes that was" Lina and Naga both agreed at the same time as the same woman who had the girl spitted at the first table came over to them, "And what will you be having this evening?, will you be ordering from our menu of livestock and butchered meats or have you decided to roast one of these young beautiful girls you have brought with you" The woman said to Gourry who then whispered into her ear, "Ohh no worry sir, that girl over there was a sorceress too, this restaurant is under a spell that prevents magic from being use in here, these girls are powerless at the moment just like that one over there" she said pointing to the girl they had just seen spitted who was now rotating over the fire. Once at the gates to Seyruun city they were opened and allowed inside already they could smell all the delicious meats cooking in the various restaurants, without wasting time Lina ran to the nearest restaurant advertising fresh spit roast's, "lets go in here maybe we can see a few go on the spit before we eat?" Lina said and went inside, "Ya we just might" Gourry said with a wink to Naga and then they went inside too

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Saffle Canojo Hikari Sena

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Nicely fucked
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Que rica esa mujer me la quiero coger
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Lovely. I tend to like the transformation part but it should have been more hideous. The sex was ok but should have been more intense.